Here’s how it is…

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Introduction


This is my new outlet for bookworm nerdiness.  I’m going to review some titles and post frustrations I have with the English language.  Hopefully, I will eventually post my journey through what I’ve heard is the rollercoaster ride of publishing, but that will be far in the future.  Occasionally, I find it difficult to not speak my mind, even though there are certainly times I should keep my mouth stapled shut. I can’t guarantee that I won’t make slightly insane posts from time to time.

I’d absolutely love to help people find good books and re-discover older titles.  Working in a niche market independent bookstore, I tend to come across a few titles that are not so commonly known outside of the market, so those will always be fun.

Who knows what other places my brain will take this blog?  I definitely plan to keep it focused on books, writing,and words.  That should be more than enough fuel to keep me going for years to come.



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