Heil America Incorporated – N. A. Forbush

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Book Reviews
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Forbush’s firsHeil Americat novel takes the reader to the not-so-distant future, beginning in 2013.  She uses the framework of a fictional story to show where past and current political and economic trends could easily take this country.  Her main character, Becca, is a blogger who has managed to anger some very powerful people.  Within the first couple of pages, a mysterious message forces her to flee for her life.  She winds up hiding in the basement of some other members of the Underground.  Eventually, a family with a house in the country gives her a safe place with a little freedom.  Becca’s research, writing, and conversations with the family show the reader some of the problems that, even now, plague this country and that are only getting worse.

I have always had severe misgivings about big government and large corporations, but this book really woke me up to the schemes of some of these people.  I am in the process of Googling some of the information she includes in the book, just so I can see for myself what is happening.

Heil America Incorporated” is Forbush’s first published novel.  The plot and characters are quite interesting, and, of course, the information provided within these pages is very eye opening.  Unfortunately, grammar and punctuation typos distracted me a bit, making me take much more time reading it than I otherwise would have.  The dialogue also tends to be a bit wordy, but that just may be the character’s personalities.

Overall, I would recommend this book.  Just remember when you pick it up to ignore the problems I just mentioned.  Do not let them keep you from diving in to this book.

I received this book by participating in Goodread’s First-Reads program.  Check it out, and while you’re there, feel free to friend or follow me.


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