And so it Begins…

Posted: April 1, 2012 in A-Z Challenge
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Happy April!

Today kicks off the start of the A to Z April Challenge.  I’m totally cheating with my post title, too.  (I know, cheating already; this month is sure to go well, right?) “And” probably shouldn’t count as a topic starting with “A,” but I’m tired and have spent the last eight hours getting caught up in Mandarin homework.  My brain hurts and just wants to go watch last week’s epi of Being Human, but I’m going to do this.

So here’s my plan and my problem for the month.  My theme will stay (mostly) the same as it already is: book reviews and short fiction.  Unfortunately, I can’t read and review that fast, especially since I refuse to review things I don’t like.  My short fiction will delve into the realms of sheer madness if I write that many in a month.  My poor characters already have to deal with me throwing them in situations and places simply because Chuck Wendig tells me to; imagine what could happen to them in the course of a month. This month may very well consume my quota of “Nonsense” promised in the blog’s title.  I hope you find it interesting or, at the very least, amusing in some way.  Please comment with any random thing you want to say.  We’ll get through this month together.

My problem might be time.  I’m only taking one college course at the moment: Mandarin Chinese, so that shouldn’t take more than an hour out of every day.  Starting April 9th, I’ll finally have a full-time job.  My bus commute will give me plenty of time for reading and podcast-listening, but it’s not conducive to writing.  The ESL class I help teach starts back up on April 15th.  For a month or two, I’ll be the primary teacher while the usual primary teacher recovers from knee surgery, so that’s going to eat up more time as well.  And of course, I have no intentions of skipping out on time with friends and family, so the only thing I’m really willing to give up to make time for blogging might just be sleep-time.  Caffeine is an acceptable substitute for sleep, right?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, my brain isn’t entirely functional anymore right now, so I’m going to stop this madness.  Tom, Hal, and Annie are beckoning to me from my other Firefox tab.  Nighty-night!

Ziao Jian!


  1. Sounds like you have a busy month ahead of you.

  2. Sleep-deprived blogging can be the funniest. Hope you survive the month mostly without wear-and-tear, I’ll be pulling for you!

    Aurora Celeste

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