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March Forth: The Grammar Song

Happy National Grammar Day, everyone!  I’m not a grammar expert like Grammar Girl, but something in my heart sings when writers follow certain rules.  I wanted to write an in-depth article about the history of some punctuation marks, but my brain is fuzzy, so here are some fun comics and pictures about grammar.


Punctuation Saves LivesAllergic to Bad Gramma









The deletion of the Oxford comma is my biggest pet peeve.  I have actually stopped reading books and blogs (whose content I loved) simply because they never used the Oxford comma.  Unfortunately, people keep ignoring it and certain style guides keep enabling them.  The following picture should show you why the Oxford comma is so important:

Oxford Comma

The English language has suffered enough.  Take time this year to edit before you post anything.  I’m not asking anyone to know all the finer details of grammar rules; I don’t know all of them myself.  If we all try a little harder to follow basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules, maybe the English language can still be saved!