About Me

I’m an aspiring writer who’s started about a dozen novels and never finished one.  I work in both a bookstore and a library and volunteer to teach ESL at my church, so words are my thing.  My favorite genres are usually fantasy and sci-fi, though I’ve found the occasional history book (fiction or non) that I cannot put down.

Other than book-related insanity, I have recently started studying Biblical Hebrew and will (hopefully) be starting a Mandarin Chinese class in a few weeks.  I adore all things Celtic, especially music.  Most of my writing and reading is done to a soundtrack of Celtic music – from Trad to Punk and Trad-Rock to a few Metal and Rap songs.  Yes, Celtic metal and Celtic rap are real things.  I also enjoy cooking and teaching kid’s classes at church.  I play RPGs (LOVE The Elder Scrolls series!) and watch Dr Who every chance I get.  Tolkien was the best writer who ever lived or will ever live.

So yeah, that’s me in a nutshell.  Nice to meet you!

  1. Margaret says:

    You are awesome

  2. You, my companion in the appreciation and creation of writing, are rather excellent. And may I compliment you on your taste in music. Celtic music is …. perfect. From the traditional to the metal, it is all beautiful, in a way. Ethereal.

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